I know

What am I
What have I become?

I ask these questions
once in a while…

whenever I feel like running
from what I need to do.

whenever i feel the burden
and the fear returning…

and I tell you,
it keeps returning!

I never got the answers…
but …
i am here.
and ..
you know!

Some life

Don’t judge me yet.
I weep in words,
The tear-circus is out of town,
Its been too long.
And would you notice?
I bleed for relief,
from patches of happiness and sorrow, and
search for darkness,
in this emotional de-light.

I believe in the fate that
has been constructed for me –
walls and closed doors,
and bewitched eyes.
Green is as green as that paint on the wall,
pain is as painful as eye can see and hear.
But wait,
don’t judge me yet!
To lose is one thing,
to give up is one thing,
being hopeless is another,
to die doesn’t matter… but …
To come to a world that –
greets you with expectations,
breeds you to be useful,
feeds you with emotions,
tames you with greed –
… and … To carve your own way
through this desert
and not leave a trace,
that would be some life!

Fields of snow

Every tree, green and yellow
are now
grayed out by the snow.
the hills have suddenly
grown older –
look wiser.
Watching the fields, with seeds of life –
lying underneath –
awaiting patiently
for their turn to rise
with the sun,
gives me a strange sense of relief.

I look at them from within
a running van.
My mind races faster
My heart, sometimes
skipping a beat.
An anticipated defeat.
But then, I bear a calm face.

The snow covered fields
give me comfort,
not joy – just comfort.
and with every spin of the wheels
I feel closer to them.

Forever can’t be

Forever can’t be
never, ask me,
clever – i am, not.

graver made
the frost
to rust, so…
it melt into

that washed
away – our trust.

now i sit here
watching, … what …

b   u   d      u     t     g    t      e
   o   n        s       o    e     h     r

create a river

b e t w e e n                          u s.

and … i see no boat;
i see no bridge.

just forever, ahead of me

but… it just can’t be
never, ask me
though –

clever I am, not!

Just a thought

what goes in must come out

what is done shall be undone

every thing that happens

every fuckin event

is just another form of energy

constantly changing itself

and as is said

can never be created,

nor destroyed

So if u r happy all the time

u’d want to be sad

and if u’r sad all the time

u’r doomed to get mad

there’s nothing better

nothing worse

there’s a world in madness itself…

its just that we’re afraid to explore…

Resurrection II



I stand alone
weathered, dust and bones;
death has long gone
and life is yet to come.
Broken veins standing out,
piercing me deep
yet i feel no pain;
resurrection – it seems but a long rest,
a bait!
Yet i’m not tired to wait;
what else has a dead wood to do,
but wait?

If you find me beautiful,
so i am.
Put me in your doorway,
polish me green,
let me be seen!
I will look at you when I open my eyes again.

Woody Craftsman – Truth

Truth is the devil, that lurks behind our lies.

What would you do to prove that you’re right?

well, i…
i’d find all the holes in you
make some more if i have to
to pour it inside you!

i’d shout, at the top of my voice
or give you a gaze through a pair of icy cold eyes
the kinda one that sends chills down your spine
until you become ready to take it in
until you beg for the warmth of words,

then i’d give it to you
bit by bit – the truth.

All this, if you vex me
If not, all you get is a smile
or a pat on your back:
“Everyone gets a version of truth;
you’ll get it someday”…

Like … death
It’s a truth, ain’t it?

This endless sea

Deep into the dark, green forest

is an endless sea.

and standing in the middle , with my hands tied to the clouds

it is me!

Watching the waves that strike gently

into the rocks that laugh at me.


i wonder, wat is there

to evoke such thunderous laughter.

The breath sucking thirst, and the schorching heat

the vastness of life and not a soul to see!

The age old boat, with the skeleton of the thief .

They all look so well to me.

They all look so good to me!

And, the waves and the endless sea,

they seem to be at peace with me.


i’m looking into this world,
to find me a soul
that would hold, my heart
and lead me… out of this misery

sometimes i feel old
with my stories untold,
while i sit with you
enjoying your company

i’m watching time fly by
and soar beyond the horizon
until my mind tires.
i’ve lost my sense of emotion!

A wish:
If i could see
through your eyes,
i know beauty
could never hide.

Shaman’s toast

imagine the spirits that arise to tingle your thoughts,
a mere curiosity,
a simple phenomenon that drags us blind with fear
but all that is there
are broken promises,
broken hearts,
unbroken walls,
that blocked the desire
cheers to the ghost
an honest toast
in memory of the life that seems to be wasted
in the hope of it being arrested
by the infinity
i will be there when it happens!


If you recall everything,

but still seem to lose your mind.

If you are running away from life,

and leave your shadow behind.

If you see your destiny, but

can’t go any closer.

And if you have to scream with terror,

when you can’t find your reflection in the mirror!

you will know…

that you are a complete stranger!

Woody Craftsman – Childhood

I was fishing,

In the sky for my dreams,

The moon is my bait

With the starlight glittering –

                        On the surface.

And the waves of clouds,

Sweeping them away,

                        Or maybe,

Hiding them from my sight,

For a while.



All of a sudden,

Blood fills the sky.

The sun eats my moon!

Innocent Devil!


i wish,

when you sneak up to me,

and whisper

those beautiful dreams,

i could smell your skin.

i would grab your arm,

and roll over

to give you some space…

in my cold stone-bed.

Then i hear you scream –

from the sudden frigid chill,

upon your skin!

My deepest fear!

My worst nightmare!


Everytime i see you,
i try to say how much i love you
but you never listen to me,
You’ll never understand…
Everytime you fall down,
i try to lift you up
but you never notice me
you never hold my hand

When you are lonely,
i try to give you company
but you never talk to me,
you don’t even smile.
And when you cry baby,
i try to cheer you up
but you never feel the comfort
you never stop..

Everytime you think of me,
i stand right beside you,
but you never look at me,
don’t see where i stand.
And when you are in pain,
i try to hold you in my arms,
but you never feel me baby,
coz i’m a dead man!

Yeah, i’m a dead man baby,
walkin around you all the time.
can’t lift you when you fall
can’t be there when you call
Yeah, a dead man baby
can’t even hold your hand
a dead, dead man darlin,
i hope you understand…

solitary influence

Lights of eternity

fade away slowly

into the darkness – so full of mystery.


Fights of humanity

keep me awake

eyes wide open – under this lonely tree.


i watch,

the rays

that erode the fields of darkness

and wonder

will these ever touch me?


So many questions –


left unanswered.


But i let them pass

into my thoughts anyway.

Don’t know where they go.