Everytime i see you,
i try to say how much i love you
but you never listen to me,
You’ll never understand…
Everytime you fall down,
i try to lift you up
but you never notice me
you never hold my hand

When you are lonely,
i try to give you company
but you never talk to me,
you don’t even smile.
And when you cry baby,
i try to cheer you up
but you never feel the comfort
you never stop..

Everytime you think of me,
i stand right beside you,
but you never look at me,
don’t see where i stand.
And when you are in pain,
i try to hold you in my arms,
but you never feel me baby,
coz i’m a dead man!

Yeah, i’m a dead man baby,
walkin around you all the time.
can’t lift you when you fall
can’t be there when you call
Yeah, a dead man baby
can’t even hold your hand
a dead, dead man darlin,
i hope you understand…


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