one by one i tried,
taking out the pieces
that i had in my life,

one by one i watched
them leave,searching for more to
give me relief,

one by one, i peeled
them off,just to find out which
one hurt the most,

now running after them,
begging them to return,
now crying in pain,with my tears,
trying to heal my wounds…
i’m alone!
i flew above, so high,
i’m starting to miss the ground!

Woody Craftsman – Soliloquy

What the hell are you staring at?
All the fucking time!
Stare at the monitor,
stare at the phone,
stare at them faces…
this emotional void!
What are you searching for?

Those blank eyes,
give ’em some rest!
Close your eyes
and listen to the music.
close your eyes
and let your mind see.
Close your eyes
and feel your heart beat.
Close your eyes
and inhale, breathe!

The Bait

An old man has just arrived the town
feeling lost, feeling down
he stops for a while, rests on the ground
and sings of the pain that he has found

lines of age carves his face
the tired mind has lost its grace
worn out by time, eroded by fate
he awaits patiently for his final bait

bones crackle, as he tries to get up
thinks of the vigour that he has lost
swears at life, curses his luck
and falls down, with a painful drop

[All those sweet memories of life
come to him and he sees the light
then he gets up with all his might
and takes off, for a eternal flight]

the man had just arrived the town
feeling lost and feeling down
now he lies there on the ground
did he take, with him, the painful sound?
or did he leave it here echoing around?
once again to torture us
lost again, to be found!!