when the memories of the long gone
return, to break you down
and the expectations of the loved ones
open up the wounds profound

when you cry,
unable to stop the tears
you intend to hide,
remember me by your side
watching the drops form
at the corner of your eyes
crying myself within…
unable to bring the tears
i intend to hide
as they flow through your eyes
and i pick them up
upon a fingertip
and whisper a thankful goodbye
for they carry the pain
that’s burning you inside!


My baby,
she freed me today…
into this confusion
and misery

said its all over,
but for once,
i wish to be with her;
look into her eyes
and see –
if the love is still there.

said we should walk,
our own ways.
it was meant to be.
and maybe,
these roads we’re on,

but for now,
i’m ready… to let her go
for now, i feel blessed
to have been loved
i feel strong
to have loved
so truly
so passionately

i will see her again
that’s for sure
but for now,
i’d better move on
and better keep my pace up
for i fear missing the train,
once again,
and watch her disappear

yes, that’s the fear
so i’d better move on
and better be strong
for i wish to be on my feet
when i see her again, at the place
where the roads meet.

March 02, 2008