Nothing comes for free

Nothing comes for free,
freedom has its own cost,
sometimes you pay,
sometimes you make others pay,
either way,
you get tangled into this worldly joy.
and struggle –
to survive another day.

Nothing comes for free,
even freedom has its own cost,
you walk around with your burdens
and imagine that they are lost!
and before you realize,
there comes another fear
there comes another pain
wrapping you around with
deceptive happiness.
No more no less,
you’re thrown again,
into the same regretful disgrace!

6 thoughts on “Nothing comes for free

  1. I love this too. I’m sick of seeing “free” lately. Nothing comes without a price and the more you want it, the higher the price…

  2. Yes, nothing is free in this world-dom,
    thats why free is not free,
    it is attached to dom.

    So, they say free as in freedom.

  3. lovely bro………….very true………kta haru bahira gaye pachi poet po huna thalechan ta……sudeep pani lekhdai thiyo……..hehe

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