An honest goodbye

“i’m going away now darling”

i whisper as i tiptoe across your room.

and i won’t run

for i don’t want you to come

chasing after me.


i will sneak out

in the dead darkness of the night.

When the wind is rustling

into the leaves with delight.


When you are dreaming about me;

sneaking into my room,

while i lie in my bed

with a letter in your hands, and

satisfaction painted

into your face!


As i tiptoe down the stairs,

with my suitcase,

i watch the picture – of you and me.

Those beautiful memories,

they all seem too heavy – to carry!


The lights – they blind you

if you don’t shade your eyes!

The sound – it hurts you,

the echoes of the lies.


But the souls you meet,

with angels inside them,

you never know what they bring to you,

a handful of laughter,

and a pocketful of smiles!


you plea for the food
the ones in the boot
when the master and the slaves
stand over the loot
you get what they give
with patience and pride
you take what you get
with an innocent disguise –
the one you have learnt to wear
through all these years,
of tears and laughter,
of turmoil and happiness

you have all you want!
but what you need, you don’t get;
you do what you should
but what you must, they won’t let;
you feel the heat above your head
shadowed by a solace;
you trip over the ice cube
and cut your face,
the pain, you don’t feel,
the blood gets washed away!

and all you asked was the food.
that damn food!
the ones in the boot
all you needed was little love;
in your hearts that grew.
and what you got…
you never noticed,
you never knew!

This endless sea

Deep into the dark, green forest

is an endless sea.

and standing in the middle , with my hands tied to the clouds

it is me!

Watching the waves that strike gently

into the rocks that laugh at me.


i wonder, wat is there

to evoke such thunderous laughter.

The breath sucking thirst, and the schorching heat

the vastness of life and not a soul to see!

The age old boat, with the skeleton of the thief .

They all look so well to me.

They all look so good to me!

And, the waves and the endless sea,

they seem to be at peace with me.

In Pursuit…

So, i said,

if you want a good life

stay away from me.

i’m nothing but trouble!


if you want to live life,

come with me.

We will get out of this bubble.


So i said.

and…she left.

Nothing comes for free

Nothing comes for free,
freedom has its own cost,
sometimes you pay,
sometimes you make others pay,
either way,
you get tangled into this worldly joy.
and struggle –
to survive another day.

Nothing comes for free,
even freedom has its own cost,
you walk around with your burdens
and imagine that they are lost!
and before you realize,
there comes another fear
there comes another pain
wrapping you around with
deceptive happiness.
No more no less,
you’re thrown again,
into the same regretful disgrace!