Some life

Don’t judge me yet.
I weep in words,
The tear-circus is out of town,
Its been too long.
And would you notice?
I bleed for relief,
from patches of happiness and sorrow, and
search for darkness,
in this emotional de-light.

I believe in the fate that
has been constructed for me –
walls and closed doors,
and bewitched eyes.
Green is as green as that paint on the wall,
pain is as painful as eye can see and hear.
But wait,
don’t judge me yet!
To lose is one thing,
to give up is one thing,
being hopeless is another,
to die doesn’t matter… but …
To come to a world that –
greets you with expectations,
breeds you to be useful,
feeds you with emotions,
tames you with greed –
… and … To carve your own way
through this desert
and not leave a trace,
that would be some life!

Woody Craftsman: A cup ‘o soup

give ’em no character ‘n no purpose either
just teach ’em to learn
keep ’em confused
no desire to win, ‘n no fear to lose
just confused

a perfect soup
stir as you like
sip if you want
keep it in a cup
pour it to a bowl
there’s always more to add
there’s always more to spill

Honesty is the new ‘stupidity’

we are so much used to lies
in each and every moment of our lives
that it hurts each time
we hear the truth

if i am late,
i cannot say i was lazy
u’d probably like it
the other way
so i’d rather say
something came up
something more “important”

if you offer me
something to do
i cannot say
i don’t want to
u’d feel better
if i say
i’m workin on something else
something more “important”

so i always end up
doing this something else
this something more important
which means nothing to me
which just makes me a little more afraid
a little more guilty
a little more sad

if only i could sleep,
till 11 in the morning
and tell you that i slept over
instead of feeling bad the whole day

if only i could just sit
doing nothing
and not do what u ‘want’ me to

can i be honest and
not make u feel bad?


i see a cart, a load of sand
i see a hardtop, over the rubber bands
a man puffing pride, straightens his tie
a man resting in sweats, unable to stand
too hard to live, too soft to die
i watch them stare and look away
unable still, to battle my gaze
ragged to the bare but trouble is fair
looks at the gold time with eyes of rage
never a stain, never a tear
along comes a passer by
whistling a tune, lips dry
extends to both, each of his hand
curiosity stops blinking the eyes
of this stranger in his own land
i see my self clinging to a tree
old it is, but i’ve failed to see
i find myself in a losing fight,
against my fragility facing me
with its strengh, in this woeful plight.


Happiness is in “no regrets”

But we run after vanity

And looking through our eyes,

Everything that we see

is being blurred

by the misdeeds of humanity!


If you want to shed some tears

Wait for your turn

for we are at this circus where

everything ain’t fun

Wait for the curtain to fall

Await your return!


Numbers count more

500, 1 lakh, 3 crore?

Look at that one person

starving outside your door

Look at the old and cold,

Performing their chores


Don’t turn your back

just ‘cause there’s no one there to look

For the eyes of your inner-self is

Forever watching you!


as you’re taking yourself out of my mind
as you pretend to sacrifice, and act kind
i sit here watching my precious find
this rage, that drove me blind
i wish to keep it!

i wish i could see what you see,
i pray that there’s
no such thing as eternity
for i wish to end this soon
this tragedy
of lost souls

fear returns with joy-
a clever decoy
and i fall down on my knees
unable to cry
i’ve shed them tears before!
enough to leave me dry
and now,
walking with this
cute little disguise,
i’m just a puppet
dancing without strings
i’m just a slave
to what life brings
following the memories
of the tugs and pulls,
the torture and the lulls
i find myself missing them again.

i paid for freedom

still paying the cost.

Of all the things i’ve bought,

freedom cost me the most!


Cruising about,
looking for prey,
the insects of night.
Do they know –
in the darkness,
lies the incandescent death?
with the touch of bliss
to end their hunger!
they can not know.

For those that are lost,
will never find their way.
Some moments remain,
before they hustle and fight
and throw themselves
into the ambushing pyre!

Lazy Saturday – The Walk (I)

Tired of sitting all day,
i decide to go for a walk
It’s cold, it’s dark
i forgot to bring my gloves

Now i’m walking
with my hands in my pocket
If i fall down,
i’m sure,
i’ll land on my head

I see strangers,
walking all around,
not a face i know-
I feel relieved,
You must have noticed..
i just keep walking,
with my hands in my pocket…

The chill of the night,
and the dust on the road,
I get an itch,
and… damn, on my nose!
I tried to wipe it
off my shoulders, it won’t go
I breathe in hard
I breathe in slow..
But no sir.. it won’t go
I rush to where the crowd is…

Many things have happened,
 but i walk…
                                                    lost in thoughts…
                                                                                                 miles away 
from where i started
                                                                                                 I stop now,
                                                                        I feel lonely,
                                       deserted streets…

with no courage to walk myself home,
i take a bus instead…
nice and warm…
i think of taking my hands
out of my pocket…