you look into my eyes.
                  those brown eyes,
                           clear and confident
                                                      not shy
                                                               no lies
but bold,
          so sure,
                            and respectful.    
                                              I am lost!
         I trust you,
                  I believe in you,
                           I will care for you,
                                    I’m there for you
                                                      I love you!”

playful whisper

and i want to tell you that
this is not just all i had
the things i chose,
made me lose

and i want to tell you that
i’m not just as bad
my lazy ways,
its cheap, but it pays

and i want to tell you that
i’ll never make you sad
the dreams we share,
will always be there.

and i want to tell you that,
you are just as beautiful,
as the girl in my dreams –
just more than i can imagine.

and i want to tell you that,
i will cradle you
in my heart
for life


i’m happy for you baby
the only little thing,
bothering me
is that
you didn’t talk about it
with me

i am no stranger
you did what you had to
now i can’t even say that
i can’t go on without you

First love is easy to lose,
hard to forget
I understand baby.
you found again,
the love that got to you

you showed me
what you need
what love is
and now,
i know
i won’t be without it.
Thank you.


i wish i was a fly,

i would have a thousand eyes.

i don’t mean to spy,

and not that i want to pry.

i just want to see,

                     when you are about to cry;

i would like to know,

                     when you are about to lie;

and…i wish to know,

                     when you have to say goodbye;

So that i can try,

                     to change myself

       for you.


Survive…and you can run after

that eternal light.

Survive…and you shall master

the pain that’s here to stay.

Survive…and you shall long for

a little more of life.

Survive…and you shall mourn for

those that fade away!

me and the world

when i think that i’m strong
this world
shouts that i’m wrong

when i feel fit and fine
i never seem
to have enough time

and when life is easy,
i need some pain
to keep me busy

that’s me
and the world around me
and i feel good
that i’m at peace
with the voices that give me company.
my friends and enemies,
even when they are gone
i talk to myself –
i’m never alone.


If you recall everything,

but still seem to lose your mind.

If you are running away from life,

and leave your shadow behind.

If you see your destiny, but

can’t go any closer.

And if you have to scream with terror,

when you can’t find your reflection in the mirror!

you will know…

that you are a complete stranger!


oh please!
this life stings again.
injects the poison into my heart.

this time it hurts more
the raw wound is still swollen
and the blow brings just more than pain

i wish to die!
cut my veins and bleed slow

but i don’t want you to take that pain
oh please!
life seems too cruel again!

Woody Craftsman – Childhood

I was fishing,

In the sky for my dreams,

The moon is my bait

With the starlight glittering –

                        On the surface.

And the waves of clouds,

Sweeping them away,

                        Or maybe,

Hiding them from my sight,

For a while.



All of a sudden,

Blood fills the sky.

The sun eats my moon!

Innocent Devil!

Don’t Explain by Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan

Love needs no explanation. I don’t know how i understand the things i understand. Can’t explain the things i feel. Music touches my soul even deeper these days. Listen to this one, originally written by Billie Holiday and now covered by Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan.  

Hush now, don’t explain;
You are my joy, and you’re my pain.
My life’s yours, love
So don’t explain.

– Don’t Explain

broken lines

echoes of the sounds that men hear
sight of darkness that men fear
a light of supreme intensity,
a theme of absurd curiosity:
can i ever get out of these broken lines?

a drama, a fragment of a candid apology
tried to find a reason for everything,
forged my mind for my being here,
tried to frame a word
sorry, is all that can be said.

what is right, what is wrong,
what is happiness?
i know not all the truth.
we were born to be ignorant
i was born to be troublesome.
some are are born to be loved,
some get all the hatred.

expectations exhaust me!
there’s a world of mine where i do nothing.
and there’s a world where i do everything.
these two poles, these extremities – 
i linger between these dreams
and i enjoy the most when i’m lost.

this fear of introduction
this fear of getting too close
people like me less when they know me more
am i too friendly?
or do i lie much?
maybe i show too much of myself
maybe i hide less of what i feel.
or maybe people don’t like me peeking into their hearts –
a vague perception of what they feel!

i talk about me for you’re all i have in me

is it life that makes love difficult?
or is it love that makes life beautiful?
is it a weakness to say i need you?
i found myself chasing your dreams
i found myself making promises
i hear myself speaking to you,when you’re not around
its not my craziness to think about you all the time
its that simple thing called love,
i get confused now, why i can’t understand a thing so simple.

Jan 10, 2008

[i guess i’ve gotten out of my broken lines now, only that its too late!]


some disappear in the darkness,

some fade away with the brightness.


i feel closer to those

who stay in the dark

and protect their light



strong enough

to bring the darkness

into the light.


i wish,

when you sneak up to me,

and whisper

those beautiful dreams,

i could smell your skin.

i would grab your arm,

and roll over

to give you some space…

in my cold stone-bed.

Then i hear you scream –

from the sudden frigid chill,

upon your skin!

My deepest fear!

My worst nightmare!


we are growing together
i can see that
amidst the thorns and carcasses.

we shall meet at the top
and make love
and fall into the ground again
to nurture the pain –
that bloomed inside our hearts.

All We Seek Is Vanity

dreams that break
hearts that shake
eyes that meet, and
roll over the other way;
things that happen
happen anyway.
is there anything left
for me to say?
If i wash my face,
for you to spit upon
if i love her like i should,
just to see her gone.
if i learn “everything”
only to lose my mind
if i encage my soul
and free mankind;
there is nowhere else
for us to be
there is nothing left
there is to see…

Love is love,
not for me – nay!
pain is pain,
feeding my soul today
dark is the place,
hiding my ugly face
Life is life
i have nothing more to say…

Like an uprooted tree-
praying for rain
like a paralyzed child-
begging for pain.
like a blinded eagle-
crying to see,
i look into your eyes,
but i can’t see me.
i watch myself,
and i can’t see me!

The door that closed,
will never let us in.
the road that ended,
will never begin.
its a matter of time,
we all take our turns
And the rage inside us,
will forever burn.
in the end,
we all agree –
all we seek is vanity!

blue blazy eyes

blue blazy eyes
no surprise
dancing with excitement
and flaming with pride

blue blazy eyes
freeze my mind
and burn my heart
with the heat of desire

blue blazy eyes
lovingly wise
but looking for trouble
once in a while

blue blazy eyes
cried all night
try to hide
the pain inside

blue blazy eyes
i can fight
with courage and delight
against your plight

blue blazy eyes
lead me
to your heart