take what you can

If you think that you already know,

      then its better if you go.

If you feel that i am angry,

      [don’t worry]

            i’ll never let my feelings show.


if you’re trying to frustrate me,

      i’ll find a way to disagree!

talk sweet and use me

      but i’ll know when

            you’re trying to abuse me

                                                           stop once!

                                                         think twice!

And now,

if you’ve cleared your mind

and if,

you’re ready to receive,

i have,

this small advice to give:



           your voice if

                        your words seem to fade away.


            your eyes if

                        you get looked down upon.


            your hands when

                        someone needs help.


            your steps if

                        the ground underneath slides.


            your heart to

                        a point of self-respect.


            your mind against

                        this ever-burning rage!


we reach out for light

to find ourselves

in the darkness


we try to trap love

with a heart

that thinks evil


we try to care


possessive altercation


we reach out for peace

in the things

that take it away from us


and we think,

so much

that life is important

just for the sake of thinking

just for the sake of living

after death!

after death??



i’m looking into this world,
to find me a soul
that would hold, my heart
and lead me… out of this misery

sometimes i feel old
with my stories untold,
while i sit with you
enjoying your company

i’m watching time fly by
and soar beyond the horizon
until my mind tires.
i’ve lost my sense of emotion!

A wish:
If i could see
through your eyes,
i know beauty
could never hide.


I was begging you to tell a story
I was telling you to tell me sorry
I was hoping you could help me bury
I was hoping you could help me bury … my soul!

I’m contemplating in my silence
i will talk to you tomorrow
i’m contemplating in my silence
I’m wasting myself of my sorrows … leave me alone!

In my dreams i am a stranger
Searching for my identity
in my dreams i’m shouting at the
shadows of my divinity .. come back to me!



i watched,
the fake tears of pretended innocence
i sensed,
the wild beating of a lonesome heart,
i said
come to me, and i heard you laugh.

an episode of undirected story-
left me wishing..
there is still more

the hangover of a sweet dream
like an addiction,
stays with me

traces remain,
hope, loneliness, dreams..
i can’t think clear.

you promished me beauty,
i lost my sight,
you promished me freedom,
where is the light?
tried to catch some fish,
in the tide..
and found you waiting
at the other side..