a second chance – for the thousandth time (revised)

Just added the last two stanzas to the first one. 

The things i owned,
were broken down,
shattered to pieces,
and scattered around

and… those that didn’t break
were considered fake
carefully collected,
and tied to the stake

i see my heart
in the pile of trash
thumping the music
for the fiery feast

thump thump… there it goes
thump thump… a clever act
thump thump… a clever atone
after all, it is made of stone.

thump thump…a seductive dance
thumpy thump…into the trance
thump thump…it goes on –
the beating of the stone heart!

a thousand oaths,
and a thousand escaped clearance
and thump thump… it goes, again,
awaiting, the second chance!