Shaman’s toast

imagine the spirits that arise to tingle your thoughts,
a mere curiosity,
a simple phenomenon that drags us blind with fear
but all that is there
are broken promises,
broken hearts,
unbroken walls,
that blocked the desire
cheers to the ghost
an honest toast
in memory of the life that seems to be wasted
in the hope of it being arrested
by the infinity
i will be there when it happens!


i hear sounds
from below the ground,
the kings of past
are merrying around
the echoes of the deads,
loud and clear.
Is it so hard,
not to hear?

I wonder why,
why do we cry?
why can’t we run,
away from the sun?
Is it so hard
not to be sad?
To sing a song,
that’s already been sung?
Or.. to stop worrying,
and just get along?

you are not
the only one,
to walk…
or to fall down
one fine day
you will know
where you are, and
where to go…