Red is the colour
of your lovely lips,
carved into a smile.
the lining of the upper one
perfectly curved
like a distant bird – flying…
the lower,
trembling – teasing
my lips.

Red is the colour
of your cheeks
from lady shyness.
A strand of hair falls,
a futile attempt –
to hide your face.
You wipe it off,
with your fingers.
An intruder!

Red is the colour
of my eyes,
from the stream
of salty water
that bled my heart out.
i hide my face now
for i can’t see yours.

Red is the colour
of the water in my tub,
the same
that painted you that day.
i will see you soon.
My love.

withered beauty

sing little bird,
tell me your story
i’ll write it down
before you get buried
the words i write
will forever speak
of your long lost soul
and withered beauty
sing little bird,
forget the bars
weep away
the unshed tears
your mind,
they cannot encage
sing little bird
don’t turn your face
sing little bird
chirp away your wounds
the sky is your limit
don’t look at the ground
one by one,
open up your wings
those tired, unused
unexercised things

sing little bird,
tell your tale
to the beating hearts
that turned stale
sing little bird
choke away the pain
for you will not
be here again.