take what you can

If you think that you already know,

      then its better if you go.

If you feel that i am angry,

      [don’t worry]

            i’ll never let my feelings show.


if you’re trying to frustrate me,

      i’ll find a way to disagree!

talk sweet and use me

      but i’ll know when

            you’re trying to abuse me

                                                           stop once!

                                                         think twice!

And now,

if you’ve cleared your mind

and if,

you’re ready to receive,

i have,

this small advice to give:



           your voice if

                        your words seem to fade away.


            your eyes if

                        you get looked down upon.


            your hands when

                        someone needs help.


            your steps if

                        the ground underneath slides.


            your heart to

                        a point of self-respect.


            your mind against

                        this ever-burning rage!

Woody Craftsman – Vengeance

you saw me sneaking, you saw me hide
you watched me suffer, you made me cry

now bitch!
watch this!
while i give it a try

you will be grateful if you die!

so you thought you could run?
you thought you could hide?

death cannot be your alibi

’til you see my vengeance
’til you feel my pride!