confused simple mind

i see you in the horizon…
fading away-
a distant figure,
out of reach;
as i sit here on the road
unable to breach,
this sea of disparity
that life has put in front of me.

was it you who let me go?
or was it me – afraid to follow?

The pain in your tale-
I try hard to understand
but the words,
they seem hide them well
was it you – trying not to show?
or is it me – afraid to swallow?


Cruising about,
looking for prey,
the insects of night.
Do they know –
in the darkness,
lies the incandescent death?
with the touch of bliss
to end their hunger!
they can not know.

For those that are lost,
will never find their way.
Some moments remain,
before they hustle and fight
and throw themselves
into the ambushing pyre!