Before the journey

Well i’m trying to
get all these things
that have been troubling me
out of my head
and i’m dreaming
about them

final goodbye
i guess
that is what it is

i keep dreaming
what used to be
against me
and remind me
of the things
on the way
lingering inside my head
troubling me all the time

now i know what it is
when i see a face
that i lost in this race

i’m turning back now
i’m turning around
just this one time
to say goodbye
to the ghosts of my past

my memories…

awakening me all night
all day

this last time
i’m letting my mind
watch them
through my dreams

for i cannot move on
with this burden
these whispers
at the back of my neck
this guilt
of “misdeeds”
lingering inside my head

and i’m dreaming
i’m seeing images
of things
that i’d left behind
but failed

the trails
i left
they followed

is a goodbye
i let you go
let me go

for this looks like a new beginning…