one by one i tried,
taking out the pieces
that i had in my life,

one by one i watched
them leave,searching for more to
give me relief,

one by one, i peeled
them off,just to find out which
one hurt the most,

now running after them,
begging them to return,
now crying in pain,with my tears,
trying to heal my wounds…
i’m alone!
i flew above, so high,
i’m starting to miss the ground!


The problem with you is

you can apportion your love

the problem with me is

i can’t

this feeling of closeness is only temporary

we then depart

with a heavy heart…

and forget our past!

From the pages – Searching…

Can you explain why you feel sad? Can you ever know what makes you feel down? Everything can’t be the way you want them to be, everyone can’t be what you expect them to be. And this truth that you can’t seem to understand, governs you unquestionably!

What does it take to be liked by everyone? Why can’t we shake this feeling off? The little we have, is enough! But the necessity, that we feel, to make everyone understand – this drags us deeper into this emotional void. Do we need to understand everything? Do we really need to possess what we like?

Attraction is a mere alteration of perception! Look the other way and you’ll find beauty fade away. The truth to life – is it ignorance? What does wisdom have to offer us? The fact that nothing is permanent? The knowledge we get, then must be a lie as time passes by.

Fighting with yourself is a tough job. Have you ever wondered what it would have been like, if you had surrendered to yourself? Or, if you had surrendered to the expectations laden upon you slowly, successfully, until you fall down painfully onto your knees? Didn’t you desire to be free? Is this your destiny?

There are not many lives you can understand. This is what nature is – hard to understand, harder to explain! There are not many lives that understand you. Have you ever felt an extreme loss? The kind that peels your heart out and everything else seems to be worthless, every major wound feels painless? i have been searching with all my heart, i’ve been looking into all them eyes – that can bring me into this again!


May 16, 2008

Woody Craftsman – Soliloquy

What the hell are you staring at?
All the fucking time!
Stare at the monitor,
stare at the phone,
stare at them faces…
this emotional void!
What are you searching for?

Those blank eyes,
give ’em some rest!
Close your eyes
and listen to the music.
close your eyes
and let your mind see.
Close your eyes
and feel your heart beat.
Close your eyes
and inhale, breathe!


ring ring, ring ring

i have come to hate this machine sing

ring ring, ring ring

i know it’s you, you ungrateful thing!


twenty-five thousand times

didn’t i tell you that i won’t talk to you again?

twenty-five thousand pieces

didn’t you break my heart into?

now you come whining like a dog

with the tail between your legs!

and you think that i will look at you

and won’t spit into your face?


sing, sing, sing, sing

sing ‘lil bastard sing

i won’t pick you up, no!

never again will you bring

the joy you promised me!


framed we are

          by the vines of

                    memories and desires

tamed we are

          by the rough

                    whips of satires

and we hide

                    like cubs

          destined for hunger

and we live

                    like bugs

          significant no longer!


a dream maybe,

          our time together.

a sin maybe,

          what we did.

now we keep running

          looking for shelter,

we’ve ripped apart

          our only creed!


we defined what we saw,

          happiness, unnoticed!

bare hands that ran through the spines

naked emotions cut and bled

a sin maybe,

          what we did!


A crime it is!

the sublime trickery of cowardice,

          so it lingers to bleed our soul.

          And we lie alone!


I reach out my hands to touch you,

          they stop where you are

                    they remember how you were…

A Potter’s Song

i hate mourning over my dead spirits

but i feel lucky that death comes to me every day

i loathe this silence of sleeping men

but then, it is better than the noise yesterday

alone, upon this hill i stand, watching

the golden rays that strike upon my face

this loneliness, i try hard to fight

but the bliss of solitude, keeps me at bay

so much to see, so much to learn

i just flow with the wind of time

mysteries – confusing,

can be habituated when revealed

and once you start seeing things clearly,

you will never have to peek!

(August 7, 2008)