i know it always has to be me
have to come running after you
you might look at me as if i were a beggar
that’s why you don’t notice me
sometimes i feel, that i love you too much
but maybe all of this,
it’s not enough
‘coz you don’t say anything at all
and it seems, to me, that you don’t care
so confused

Forever can’t be

Forever can’t be
never, ask me,
clever – i am, not.

graver made
the frost
to rust, so…
it melt into

that washed
away – our trust.

now i sit here
watching, … what …

b   u   d      u     t     g    t      e
   o   n        s       o    e     h     r

create a river

b e t w e e n                          u s.

and … i see no boat;
i see no bridge.

just forever, ahead of me

but… it just can’t be
never, ask me
though –

clever I am, not!