when the memories of the long gone
return, to break you down
and the expectations of the loved ones
open up the wounds profound

when you cry,
unable to stop the tears
you intend to hide,
remember me by your side
watching the drops form
at the corner of your eyes
crying myself within…
unable to bring the tears
i intend to hide
as they flow through your eyes
and i pick them up
upon a fingertip
and whisper a thankful goodbye
for they carry the pain
that’s burning you inside!


The problem with you is

you can apportion your love

the problem with me is

i can’t

this feeling of closeness is only temporary

we then depart

with a heavy heart…

and forget our past!

blue blazy eyes

blue blazy eyes
no surprise
dancing with excitement
and flaming with pride

blue blazy eyes
freeze my mind
and burn my heart
with the heat of desire

blue blazy eyes
lovingly wise
but looking for trouble
once in a while

blue blazy eyes
cried all night
try to hide
the pain inside

blue blazy eyes
i can fight
with courage and delight
against your plight

blue blazy eyes
lead me
to your heart

My Shades of Gray

Lost in my memory
is a beautiful face,
lost in my memory
is her emptiness
Dancing and singing,
and with a rosy glow,
Lost in my memory
is the girl i love

Lost in my memory
is our favourite place,
far away,
an unknown street
where the flowers fly
and the lovers meet.
Lost in my memory
is a smile from above
gifted by the heavens,
to my love.

Lost in my memory
is her warm embrace,
the touch, the kisses,
the words of grace.
the tears in her eyes
the cry for solace.
Lost in my memory
is her lonesome face

Lost in my memory,
is her hideaway,
cloaked by the darkness,
where she used to stay
where she used to cry
and  she used to pray.
I keep it untouched –
the shades of gray.

The love letter in Beyond Borders

This is the love letter in the movie: “Beyond Borders”… One of my personal favorites… 

I wonder – do we all know where we belong? And if we do, in our hearts, why do we so often do nothing about it? There must be more to this life, a purpose for us all, a place to belong. You were my home, i knew it from the moment I met you, that night, so many years ago…

Perhaps we are all refugees from something. But I see now there’s nothing to fear – that the world we hold on to, the lives we cherish are a part of something greater, something more. When I look at my children, I see it so clearly – that hope, that chance of life; and I know its worth fighting for…

I hope that when you’re reading this letter, that I’m sitting next to you and you’re telling me that I’m stupid for writing it and crazy for trying to find you! But how could I not? Its you… All this time, so many years apart – I’ve missed you! But I have never been without you. I’ve woken up with you every morning and gone to sleep with you every night. You’ve always been with me. Your courage, your smile, your damn stubbornness! There has never been any distance between us, and there never will be…

confused simple mind

i see you in the horizon…
fading away-
a distant figure,
out of reach;
as i sit here on the road
unable to breach,
this sea of disparity
that life has put in front of me.

was it you who let me go?
or was it me – afraid to follow?

The pain in your tale-
I try hard to understand
but the words,
they seem hide them well
was it you – trying not to show?
or is it me – afraid to swallow?