Just a thought

what goes in must come out

what is done shall be undone

every thing that happens

every fuckin event

is just another form of energy

constantly changing itself

and as is said

can never be created,

nor destroyed

So if u r happy all the time

u’d want to be sad

and if u’r sad all the time

u’r doomed to get mad

there’s nothing better

nothing worse

there’s a world in madness itself…

its just that we’re afraid to explore…

Honesty is the new ‘stupidity’

we are so much used to lies
in each and every moment of our lives
that it hurts each time
we hear the truth

if i am late,
i cannot say i was lazy
u’d probably like it
the other way
so i’d rather say
something came up
something more “important”

if you offer me
something to do
i cannot say
i don’t want to
u’d feel better
if i say
i’m workin on something else
something more “important”

so i always end up
doing this something else
this something more important
which means nothing to me
which just makes me a little more afraid
a little more guilty
a little more sad

if only i could sleep,
till 11 in the morning
and tell you that i slept over
instead of feeling bad the whole day

if only i could just sit
doing nothing
and not do what u ‘want’ me to

can i be honest and
not make u feel bad?

Before the journey

Well i’m trying to
get all these things
that have been troubling me
out of my head
and i’m dreaming
about them

final goodbye
i guess
that is what it is

i keep dreaming
what used to be
against me
and remind me
of the things
on the way
lingering inside my head
troubling me all the time

now i know what it is
when i see a face
that i lost in this race

i’m turning back now
i’m turning around
just this one time
to say goodbye
to the ghosts of my past

my memories…

awakening me all night
all day

this last time
i’m letting my mind
watch them
through my dreams

for i cannot move on
with this burden
these whispers
at the back of my neck
this guilt
of “misdeeds”
lingering inside my head

and i’m dreaming
i’m seeing images
of things
that i’d left behind
but failed

the trails
i left
they followed

is a goodbye
i let you go
let me go

for this looks like a new beginning…

Tired wanderer

I wish i hadn’t woken up tonight

          like i always do,

                  chasing after you!

I can’t find my notes – my blind lines

neither my pen or a paper

to fight with the hurricane in my mind.


Been playin games,

on facebook for a while

and I’m getting dark ugly circles

under my eyes, and …

still, I can’t get to sleep!

Have to wake up again tomorrow,

2 am, in the dark,

and walk… 6 hours in the cold

helping people enjoy their tea

with news and business.

I have nothing to say.

I do what I have to,

I do what I can.


Many a times in my life,

I have thought of

a lot of things to do and …

I wind up in a different situation,

a different place.

Yet, I keep crowding my head

with all the nonsense

          that steal my peace!

Well… that’s it…


The light above my head,

is burning my eyes,

I can’t get a dark night,

I can’t get a warm summer,

I can’t get to walk around, hoping to get lost.

Coz’ somehow, I’ve lost myself!

This city is strange,

and I, have become a stranger, to myself.

And this time, on the other side of the world,

for the first time in my life,

I’m missing home!