Pave the way for your thoughts

Small things are good to keep in your mind, but too many of those clogs our ability to think beyond what is and what can be seen. I have been flirting around with my thoughts, my ideas for a long time now and it feels quite monotonous playing with them just on my mind. Idea needs commitment to produce something. If we leave it before it matures, it withers away – just like a plant does or a relationship. Ideas need to be fed with questions and groomed with responsibility. Actions pave the way and give direction to ideas.

One thought on “Pave the way for your thoughts

  1. Do you ever wander in your thoughts to the point of feeling you are an island within your own head? Sometimes I feel removed from life because I am so introspective. I feel comfortable wandering in my head, but also a bit removed from interaction. There is so much to learn.

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