Just a thought

what goes in must come out

what is done shall be undone

every thing that happens

every fuckin event

is just another form of energy

constantly changing itself

and as is said

can never be created,

nor destroyed

So if u r happy all the time

u’d want to be sad

and if u’r sad all the time

u’r doomed to get mad

there’s nothing better

nothing worse

there’s a world in madness itself…

its just that we’re afraid to explore…

solitary influence

Lights of eternity

fade away slowly

into the darkness – so full of mystery.


Fights of humanity

keep me awake

eyes wide open – under this lonely tree.


i watch,

the rays

that erode the fields of darkness

and wonder

will these ever touch me?


So many questions –


left unanswered.


But i let them pass

into my thoughts anyway.

Don’t know where they go.


i hear sounds
from below the ground,
the kings of past
are merrying around
the echoes of the deads,
loud and clear.
Is it so hard,
not to hear?

I wonder why,
why do we cry?
why can’t we run,
away from the sun?
Is it so hard
not to be sad?
To sing a song,
that’s already been sung?
Or.. to stop worrying,
and just get along?

you are not
the only one,
to walk…
or to fall down
one fine day
you will know
where you are, and
where to go…