Happy New Year 2009!

So finally,
the warm sun is about to set,
and with a sigh,
says 2008

never to return again,
but then,
its going to rest
in the good places in our memories
with smiles and laughter
thrills and tears

and when
the sun shines
we shall welcome 2009

its just another day
its just another year
but i wish it brings the change
you have been waiting for

Happy New Year 2009!!

Father to Son – Small Talk

If you want some respect, then you gotta earn it!

Just standing there –

Pretending invincible and tall,

But with the look of an arrogant fool in your eyes,

Ain’t gonna help at all!

Be soft, but unbreakable!


If you want love, then you gotta learn it!

Learn what makes her happy,

What makes her sad,

What she likes,

What makes her mad.

Let her talk. And Listen!


If you want fire in your words, then you gotta burn it!

Burn it –

With the fuel in your mind,

With the air in your heart,

Avoid the smoke – keep it clean,

You know what I mean?

Don’t shy away,

The world is as much yours as theirs,

Live in it while you are here!

Woody Craftsman – O Sinners!

O Parents of the “Social Front”!

Don’t crush a Teenage Love

I tell you,

Don’t make them sob in despair

For theirs is a kind of emotion,

So pure, so raw, so rare…

Untouched by the Money Machine,

You wish to prepare!


O Sinners of the Love Garden!

Break not a Lovers’ Heart,

I beg you,

Take not such a part,

To bring the two Souls apart –

For you will burn in the Guilt of your deeds

If not struck by the curse of the Bleeding!

Power to Live

Power to destroy,
            is, no power at all,
but a reason quaver,
            an enigma of fall.

See how the bombs
            blast into powder
Listen! the tyrants wailing,
            six feet under

The Power to destroy,
is, no power at all!

But, look at the innocents,
            silenced by thunder.
Open your minds, to the
            consequences of their blunder.

Power to create
            is the power of all,
a reason to survive,
            a reason, not to fall!

The better part of society,
            a creation,
                         for you and me,
with the power to live,
            fight for it!