when the memories of the long gone
return, to break you down
and the expectations of the loved ones
open up the wounds profound

when you cry,
unable to stop the tears
you intend to hide,
remember me by your side
watching the drops form
at the corner of your eyes
crying myself within…
unable to bring the tears
i intend to hide
as they flow through your eyes
and i pick them up
upon a fingertip
and whisper a thankful goodbye
for they carry the pain
that’s burning you inside!

rotting slowly

[What is this that i feel?
and how do i know that it will never heal?
I’ve never talked about it – never!
but what is in it that i can never conceal?]

My crime has brought me this punishment
and i lie here, waiting for more
I look forward
towards my destiny
Trying hard to find the point,
where end awaits me.
I can take it no more –
this endless agony.
Oh! please now…
cleanse me!

wash me clean of these stains
or burn me down to ashes!

i’m left with nothing but
these insects of hatred and pain
and now, i’m rotting within
This rain of sorrows –
they just help my wounds grow
i’m starting to stink now…
and i’m rotting slowly
here i’m on my knees now!
and here i bow!!

Oh please! wash me clean
or burn me down to ashes!