Fields of snow

Every tree, green and yellow
are now
grayed out by the snow.
the hills have suddenly
grown older –
look wiser.
Watching the fields, with seeds of life –
lying underneath –
awaiting patiently
for their turn to rise
with the sun,
gives me a strange sense of relief.

I look at them from within
a running van.
My mind races faster
My heart, sometimes
skipping a beat.
An anticipated defeat.
But then, I bear a calm face.

The snow covered fields
give me comfort,
not joy – just comfort.
and with every spin of the wheels
I feel closer to them.

Beauty Awakes

The sun dances in the sky
after the long cold winter
and he doesn’t want to go

the earth is waking up
with a new look
and how beautiful she looks

the more he looks at her
the more beautiful she gets
and he doesn’t want to go

such is spring after winter
here in Norway
and i don’t want to go

the more i look at her
the better she gets everyday
and i can relate

is it ‘coz i admire her
that she’s getting beautiful?
i’ll never know
but for now,
i don’t want to go!