Painful Grateful

If everyone got what they deserved,
the world would be a different place
it could be better
it could be worse
but it would be different, that’s for sure

some say, if you hang on, you might see the truth
don’t stop trying, never quit
some say, if you move along, you might find your way
don’t try too much in vain
well I wonder, if everyone got what they wanted
would they ever be satisfied with what they’d have?

i just believe that every person has
so much pain inside that
you’d never imagine that he’d ever laughed
that’s it
if you search for pain,
it comes to you
if you keep looking,
you’ll see it in you,
and everyone around you

me – it narrows down the world
lets me concentrate
happiness (as i look for it) has kept on spoiling me – constantly
it gives me too many options
gives me a sense of a fake pride
keeps me confused
pain, it gives me just one reason – life.

Woody Craftsman: A cup ‘o soup

give ’em no character ‘n no purpose either
just teach ’em to learn
keep ’em confused
no desire to win, ‘n no fear to lose
just confused

a perfect soup
stir as you like
sip if you want
keep it in a cup
pour it to a bowl
there’s always more to add
there’s always more to spill

Beauty Awakes

The sun dances in the sky
after the long cold winter
and he doesn’t want to go

the earth is waking up
with a new look
and how beautiful she looks

the more he looks at her
the more beautiful she gets
and he doesn’t want to go

such is spring after winter
here in Norway
and i don’t want to go

the more i look at her
the better she gets everyday
and i can relate

is it ‘coz i admire her
that she’s getting beautiful?
i’ll never know
but for now,
i don’t want to go!