The Carnival

There’s a friend
sitting beside me,
and i don’t know his name.
There’s this friend,
that smiles at me,
and as i do the same,
i try to recall his name.

There are people
playing around me,
and i don’t know the game.
There are people
shouting and cheering,
and as i do the same,
i try to learn the game.

There’s a love
waiting for me,
and i wonder if it came.
There’s this love
awaiting eagerly,
and as i do the same,
i wonder if it came.
i wonder if,
it ever came.

There’s this band
with the music,
and people dancing in the rain,
and as i stand up
to do the same,
i wonder,
if i’ll ever see her again.

Don’t Explain by Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan

Love needs no explanation. I don’t know how i understand the things i understand. Can’t explain the things i feel. Music touches my soul even deeper these days. Listen to this one, originally written by Billie Holiday and now covered by Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan.  

Hush now, don’t explain;
You are my joy, and you’re my pain.
My life’s yours, love
So don’t explain.

– Don’t Explain


Everytime i see you,
i try to say how much i love you
but you never listen to me,
You’ll never understand…
Everytime you fall down,
i try to lift you up
but you never notice me
you never hold my hand

When you are lonely,
i try to give you company
but you never talk to me,
you don’t even smile.
And when you cry baby,
i try to cheer you up
but you never feel the comfort
you never stop..

Everytime you think of me,
i stand right beside you,
but you never look at me,
don’t see where i stand.
And when you are in pain,
i try to hold you in my arms,
but you never feel me baby,
coz i’m a dead man!

Yeah, i’m a dead man baby,
walkin around you all the time.
can’t lift you when you fall
can’t be there when you call
Yeah, a dead man baby
can’t even hold your hand
a dead, dead man darlin,
i hope you understand…


My baby,
she freed me today…
into this confusion
and misery

said its all over,
but for once,
i wish to be with her;
look into her eyes
and see –
if the love is still there.

said we should walk,
our own ways.
it was meant to be.
and maybe,
these roads we’re on,

but for now,
i’m ready… to let her go
for now, i feel blessed
to have been loved
i feel strong
to have loved
so truly
so passionately

i will see her again
that’s for sure
but for now,
i’d better move on
and better keep my pace up
for i fear missing the train,
once again,
and watch her disappear

yes, that’s the fear
so i’d better move on
and better be strong
for i wish to be on my feet
when i see her again, at the place
where the roads meet.

March 02, 2008

wise ignorance

I’m tired of searching this world for what i need to know. The truth lies within. I needed a different set of eyes to see. I needed to be free, i needed to agree, to the voices inside me, to hear who was talking. Pain comes from ignorance, pain comes from knowledge. There’s no escape – for it’s there to stay. I’d been running away and i’ve been running around in a circle. It all starts from the end and ends at the start. There’s no way to figure out what sets us apart. We’re all the same inside. You’ve been wearing these cloaks of emotions and masks of wisdom. Hiding the innocent soul that you ransomed, for consent and wealth. While i sit on the side, enjoying the ride. I know not what you have got, but i can see what you have lost. I can see you running away, haunted by death. I’ve explored death… now i’m ready to live.

When do we find out that all we really know – we have known? What is it that sparkes each precise change to bring us closer to the awarness of what we already know? We remain unaware of our complete knowledge.

– Jim Morrison


watch the moon
swim the tide
the stars struggle
they shine-
they hide
feel the waters
kiss your feet
a perfect time
for us to meet

let me explore
your empty eyes
let me see
what you have
there to hide

open the gates
to that
sacred place,
that untouched
unexplored part
of your heart
where i can sneak into
and whisper to you
the words
that excite you

that is what i think..
as i play
with your hair..
your mind-
i can read
the love-
that you need,
i have all
and i shall give