Woody Craftsman: Humbled

I did not come here just to grow old and wise
I shall evolve and fight
You think you know more?
You think you are right?
Well that’s not true!
Truth can always change sides 
And you won’t know 
You won’t notice

I watch you from here 
And all i see – a frightened creature
Beyond disease
Trying to attack wihout shields
Well you never know,
But I can see 

Woody Craftsman: A cup ‘o soup

give ’em no character ‘n no purpose either
just teach ’em to learn
keep ’em confused
no desire to win, ‘n no fear to lose
just confused

a perfect soup
stir as you like
sip if you want
keep it in a cup
pour it to a bowl
there’s always more to add
there’s always more to spill