“You and love are still my argument…”

I’ve made up my mind

I’ll leave you behind

i got a heart to lose

i got a life to find


i’ve made up my mind

i’ll leave you behind

i got a life to gain

i got a heart to lose

but lord, it so hard to choose!


Said I’ve made up my mind

I’ll shadow my shine

I’ll kill my soul

I’ll leave you behind!


If you say you don’t love me…

If you feel i’m unworthy of a plea,

If you want me to walk away

Baby, i won’t stay…


But i’ve made up my mind

i’ll cross any line

baby, please let me stay

just for this last time

i won’t ask for more!

i won’t ask for more!


i see a cart, a load of sand
i see a hardtop, over the rubber bands
a man puffing pride, straightens his tie
a man resting in sweats, unable to stand
too hard to live, too soft to die
i watch them stare and look away
unable still, to battle my gaze
ragged to the bare but trouble is fair
looks at the gold time with eyes of rage
never a stain, never a tear
along comes a passer by
whistling a tune, lips dry
extends to both, each of his hand
curiosity stops blinking the eyes
of this stranger in his own land
i see my self clinging to a tree
old it is, but i’ve failed to see
i find myself in a losing fight,
against my fragility facing me
with its strengh, in this woeful plight.


Happiness is in “no regrets”

But we run after vanity

And looking through our eyes,

Everything that we see

is being blurred

by the misdeeds of humanity!


If you want to shed some tears

Wait for your turn

for we are at this circus where

everything ain’t fun

Wait for the curtain to fall

Await your return!


Numbers count more

500, 1 lakh, 3 crore?

Look at that one person

starving outside your door

Look at the old and cold,

Performing their chores


Don’t turn your back

just ‘cause there’s no one there to look

For the eyes of your inner-self is

Forever watching you!