When? What?

I’m starting to see
the beauty in this place
this face
of my world
my place
no I don’t want to leave
not anytime soon
not when I feel
weak and defeated
When I leave
I want to go
with peace in my heart
with peace on my mind

What if you lose today?
What if you don’t get what you want?
What if you fall on your knees
on to the ground?
There’s no perfect death
you die everyday
and you wake up
with a desire to live more

There’s no truth
there’s no lie
all is what you perceive
and can receive

What is peace?
you can find tranquility
in a storm

What is pride?

Are there better things
to look for?

A walk to serenity

(This is something I wrote after a hiking trip to a buddhist monastery. In those days, I used to write a lot, don’t know what has happened these days 😦 . Original post here: http://www.everestuncensored.org/2714/2008/06/12/a-walk-to-serenity-dharmaraj-foundation-monastery-amitabh-monastery/)

a walk to serenity

through the plains and hills,
through the shades of the pine trees
away from this feverish place
to a place where we can rest

a walk to serenity
where we discard our beast
where silence tortures us the least
where the sound of the chimes
soothes our mind
where the dark clouds pour rain
instead of just another gloomy day
where the eyes of the enlightened
watches us with respect
for we are at peace
with the nature,
with the world around us
with the creatures, that surround us

a walk to serenity
a moment of peace
a touch of the infinity
a moment of bliss

we walked the road
we kissed the reason
we met the non-existent
beyond the horizon!


There is nothing like the comforts of home,

people around you

surround you

Nothing like the feeling of being cared

everyone talking

about the mistakes you’ve made

and how not to do it again!


But is this real?

This feeling of belonging,

does it make you strong?



The more you feel you are getting things for “free”, the weaker you get. I would like to work for what I deserve. The feeling that I have something that I don’t deserve makes me feel guilty. Of course i don’t want to work my ass off for everything in life, but for somethings, I feel I need to work hard. Otherwise, I will just use it and boast about it, and destroy it and feel bad at the end. and regret about it and try to figure out what went wrong. that’s how I pay . “TWICE”. So what is free is not free.I did work for it, you did work for it . Cheers to life !

Going through my old notes … this one touched me today:
Nothing comes for free

Pave the way for your thoughts

Small things are good to keep in your mind, but too many of those clogs our ability to think beyond what is and what can be seen. I have been flirting around with my thoughts, my ideas for a long time now and it feels quite monotonous playing with them just on my mind. Idea needs commitment to produce something. If we leave it before it matures, it withers away – just like a plant does or a relationship. Ideas need to be fed with questions and groomed with responsibility. Actions pave the way and give direction to ideas.

Before the journey

Well i’m trying to
get all these things
that have been troubling me
out of my head
and i’m dreaming
about them

final goodbye
i guess
that is what it is

i keep dreaming
what used to be
against me
and remind me
of the things
on the way
lingering inside my head
troubling me all the time

now i know what it is
when i see a face
that i lost in this race

i’m turning back now
i’m turning around
just this one time
to say goodbye
to the ghosts of my past

my memories…

awakening me all night
all day

this last time
i’m letting my mind
watch them
through my dreams

for i cannot move on
with this burden
these whispers
at the back of my neck
this guilt
of “misdeeds”
lingering inside my head

and i’m dreaming
i’m seeing images
of things
that i’d left behind
but failed

the trails
i left
they followed

is a goodbye
i let you go
let me go

for this looks like a new beginning…