There is nothing like the comforts of home,

people around you

surround you

Nothing like the feeling of being cared

everyone talking

about the mistakes you’ve made

and how not to do it again!


But is this real?

This feeling of belonging,

does it make you strong?



2 thoughts on “Belonging

  1. Feeling of belonging is like an anchor that might rescue you when you appear to drift away with the currents that are hostile perhaps. Maybe it is a deep need, like the need for light in the dark. Possibly humans are designed to want to belong because of psychological acculturation.

    Perhaps it just feels good sometimes?

  2. There is this false sense of security in belonging to a group, a race or a community that prevents us from breaking away. It blinds us from reaching out for things that might be better, or worse – I wouldn’t care. Its a choice I made.

    But it does feel good and sometimes its too good that it becomes an addiction 😉

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