Honesty is the new ‘stupidity’

we are so much used to lies
in each and every moment of our lives
that it hurts each time
we hear the truth

if i am late,
i cannot say i was lazy
u’d probably like it
the other way
so i’d rather say
something came up
something more “important”

if you offer me
something to do
i cannot say
i don’t want to
u’d feel better
if i say
i’m workin on something else
something more “important”

so i always end up
doing this something else
this something more important
which means nothing to me
which just makes me a little more afraid
a little more guilty
a little more sad

if only i could sleep,
till 11 in the morning
and tell you that i slept over
instead of feeling bad the whole day

if only i could just sit
doing nothing
and not do what u ‘want’ me to

can i be honest and
not make u feel bad?