Twisted singularity

Hard wired in my brain:

Happiness is when you win.

But then I hate to win all the time –

Which is one way of saying that I’m lazy.


Happiness is when the people you love win…


If I listen to what you are going through,

I would rather work to make it right.

But i hate it when i have to listen to it all night!

I get no relief.


Relief is when people I don’t like have to get down on their knees

ask for forgiveness for all the things they have done

or at least not bother me.

So that i can relax and never fear being challenged again!


But then, when I want to get things right,

The conditions aren’t always right.

The situation fails me.


This is complicated!


Everything else is trouble!


Which appears to be the simpler.


So I keep myself troubled all the time.

3 thoughts on “Twisted singularity

  1. AWSIV…I can’t believe you kept me on your page. You are such a sweetheart and your writing is still my favorite.

  2. Ali! Where are you? I can’t read your poetry anymore… couldn’t find them… Are you publishing them?

    I hope to read more from you. Miss ya.

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