Struggle – for Existence

Don’t get me wrong,

I cannot stay strong.

I’m fighting the same battle

                               Of survival

And it would be easier,

               To exist;

If you are with me!


Don’t take this wrong –

“You make me strong!”

               Staying miserable is easy,

               So is fading away.

I want to stay…

And I wish you could

               lead the way!

[when I get lost]


Don’t take it wrong,

               When I tell you to be strong

               When I tell you to try harder

Nothing comes for free!

               The small fish gets eaten

By the big fish

That’s how it is!

 Either you create poison

               Within you,

Or grow larger,

               It’s up to you!


You can raise

Flowers on your head,

               Act pretty,

               Shine with beauty

And pretend you’re not dead!



2 thoughts on “Struggle – for Existence

  1. I’m back on WP and you just keep getting better…
    LOVE these lines:

    Either you create poison

    Within you,

    Or grow larger,

    It’s up to you!

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