framed we are

          by the vines of

                    memories and desires

tamed we are

          by the rough

                    whips of satires

and we hide

                    like cubs

          destined for hunger

and we live

                    like bugs

          significant no longer!


a dream maybe,

          our time together.

a sin maybe,

          what we did.

now we keep running

          looking for shelter,

we’ve ripped apart

          our only creed!


we defined what we saw,

          happiness, unnoticed!

bare hands that ran through the spines

naked emotions cut and bled

a sin maybe,

          what we did!


A crime it is!

the sublime trickery of cowardice,

          so it lingers to bleed our soul.

          And we lie alone!


I reach out my hands to touch you,

          they stop where you are

                    they remember how you were…


One thought on “resurrection

  1. I hope your vacation was relaxing and peaceful. Please hang with me and be patient if I don’t respond very often. Rough patch. Love Ali

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