I look at them,
those children,
never needing to know
where their partners came from
caring not
what the other was called.
Such intimacy!

I look at them,
running around,
falling down, and crying –
tears of pain!
I wonder who comforts them,
for i see them, laughing again.
I miss my innocence!

What is it that we learn
from this world
that takes us away from it?
What makes us worry?
What makes us uncomfortable
by an honest, silent company?
They taught me how
to take myself away from me.
i pity, this wisdom, injected into me
a tearful glance
at my past.
I wish to run after
a fate, a chance
that would last.
I miss my ignorance!


4 thoughts on “nostalgia

  1. your poem really made me go nostalgic man!!

    wonder why we start searchin reasons in “intimacy” and “an honest, silent company” when we become so-called “wise”.

    “i pity, this wisdom, injected into me”

  2. Superb
    Everytime i read ur poetry i find some deep thoughts and feelings inside ur every line.

    nice poem.

    Anyways u got nostalgic 3-(1/2) months before me

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