broken lines

echoes of the sounds that men hear
sight of darkness that men fear
a light of supreme intensity,
a theme of absurd curiosity:
can i ever get out of these broken lines?

a drama, a fragment of a candid apology
tried to find a reason for everything,
forged my mind for my being here,
tried to frame a word
sorry, is all that can be said.

what is right, what is wrong,
what is happiness?
i know not all the truth.
we were born to be ignorant
i was born to be troublesome.
some are are born to be loved,
some get all the hatred.

expectations exhaust me!
there’s a world of mine where i do nothing.
and there’s a world where i do everything.
these two poles, these extremities – 
i linger between these dreams
and i enjoy the most when i’m lost.

this fear of introduction
this fear of getting too close
people like me less when they know me more
am i too friendly?
or do i lie much?
maybe i show too much of myself
maybe i hide less of what i feel.
or maybe people don’t like me peeking into their hearts –
a vague perception of what they feel!

i talk about me for you’re all i have in me

is it life that makes love difficult?
or is it love that makes life beautiful?
is it a weakness to say i need you?
i found myself chasing your dreams
i found myself making promises
i hear myself speaking to you,when you’re not around
its not my craziness to think about you all the time
its that simple thing called love,
i get confused now, why i can’t understand a thing so simple.

Jan 10, 2008

[i guess i’ve gotten out of my broken lines now, only that its too late!]


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