what’s in a name
does anyone care?
this cloak that hides me
i wish to bear
the reason i’m here
is still unclear
and the fright of losing
is always near
what’s in a play?
sweat and tears?
reverse the game
you are already there


7 thoughts on “name

  1. Honestly? You are right. But…I answered you –poet-style ;-P And…most importantly…hope I did not offend or step over the ether friendship blog buddy line!!! 😦

  2. Ali,is there anything as “ether friendship blog buddy line”? You’re touching my soul, and i think you know how much that means. My name is in there…”reverse the game”, i left that clue 🙂

    Now i’m hoping that i didn’t offend you with this.

  3. Offend? NO WAY! I’m just shameful. DaVinci code solving skills are non-existent. LMAO Do you want to see the list of reversed letters I have come up with? I give up. And worse? I just realized what you meant when you said I gave you a clue. *bright red* Some mysteries remain better unsolved. Shit. I don’t really believe that. You are clever.



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