Kaleidoscope by Danielle Steel

Kaleidoscope by Danielle Steel. Just started reading the book, it stared with this poem “Kaleidoscope”. Love it.

the first,

    shimmering moment

        of life,

like a diamond

        in the sea,


        in the noonday


brightly lit

    and glowing


a brand new name,

    a shining light,

then gentle twist

    and darkest night


            for the first


    then happy rhymes

        and gentle songs,

            hearts that belong

until one stands


from brightest


    to deepest dusk,

from morning sun

to twilight dreams,

    fantastic schemes,

    and lives

        that sometimes

            go awry,

    such shining


such sudden turns,

         from bright

             to dark

from grim

        to grand

    from joy

        to sorrow,

always waiting

         for tomorrow

    and a twist

             of fate,

a ray of hope…

    with the faintest

        sleight of hand,

the alteration

    of all life’s


    and all its scope…

all with one tiny turn

    of life’s kaleidoscope.


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