Once again, I lost myself in your thoughts.
once again, i felt the pain that i bought.
once again, i seeked your soul in my heart…
to give me company,
to set me free!

Once again, i’m alone in this crowd,
but this loneliness is not what i’m talking about
it’s the load, in my heart
the burden, that is dragging me low
this feeling – that i might not follow,
the traces of your dreams
this uselessness – that i feel,
i’ve put myself in
I try to cry,
but the wicked tears,
hid themselves in the darkest corner,
with my soul.
I try to choke them out
but i guess, mine is a desert
a centuries old drought
growing the thorns,
that bleed me inside,
the cracks and the burns,
these are my pride.

so once again, i seek asylum in your heart,
once again, i crawl under your shadow,
once again, i think of you and imagine the rainbow,
and… once again, i feel the cool breeze blow…
i can see your face anew,
smiling, amongst the drops of dew.
[oh! thank you]

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