wise ignorance

I’m tired of searching this world for what i need to know. The truth lies within. I needed a different set of eyes to see. I needed to be free, i needed to agree, to the voices inside me, to hear who was talking. Pain comes from ignorance, pain comes from knowledge. There’s no escape – for it’s there to stay. I’d been running away and i’ve been running around in a circle. It all starts from the end and ends at the start. There’s no way to figure out what sets us apart. We’re all the same inside. You’ve been wearing these cloaks of emotions and masks of wisdom. Hiding the innocent soul that you ransomed, for consent and wealth. While i sit on the side, enjoying the ride. I know not what you have got, but i can see what you have lost. I can see you running away, haunted by death. I’ve explored death… now i’m ready to live.

When do we find out that all we really know – we have known? What is it that sparkes each precise change to bring us closer to the awarness of what we already know? We remain unaware of our complete knowledge.

– Jim Morrison

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