Write – its the best thing to do,
when you can’t concentrate,
Write – is what i’m doing now,
to ease my troubled mind.
A piece of paper is the best vessel,
to pour down your worries.
i can hear my heart beating…
not a good sign – they say,
not a good sign – i know,
for it’s doing its best to keep me alive
and i’m sure,
it cannot do that for long…
The rhythmic beat of the special friend,
now sounds erratic!

Depressed – I am,
for i have no destiny.
The bridge is broken, and
i can’t find time to rebuild it…
It collapsed,
they say,
the flood had brought it down…
and i didn’t notice.
The sound of the pleasant waters,
now sound merciless!

Frightened – I am,
as i see no light.
The moon is fighting  to show its existence,
amidst the dark clouds.
Lose it will,
for it is so humble and innocent
i know i won’t be able to see,
its gentle light tonight,
not until the clouds melt down.
The soft whistle of the cool breeze,
now sounds cruel!

Hurt I am,
as you told me the truth.
Love me – was the only thing
you didn’t do.
Grow  it will,
the wound, and bring to me
its dangerous fate.
I can’t stop it now,
for you have said goodbye.
your blissful lies,
ring inside my head,
like a fairy singing at a distance.
The music that used to soothe me,
now sounds painful!


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