night shadowed the day
a little too soon
i looked at the sky
the same old moon,
i walked again,
the same old path,
a little ahead
i reached a park…
people were leaving
i decided to stay..
all feels so good
i’m delighted today..

ringing on my head,
the same old tune…
i looked at the sky,
the same old moon
all looks same,
it’s just me… that has changed…


2 thoughts on “change

  1. I like the way you’ve worded this. It has a nice rhythm to it.

    Why is it that the world never reflects what we feel? It always seems as though it should, and sometimes it does, but never often enough to satisfy. Never enough.

    Good poem.

  2. “Never enough” – that’s what we all live with…and ultimately die with 😦 … about the reflection of feelings i’m happy with never enough you know, ‘coz if we could express what we felt, our feelings wouldn’t matter much to ourselves (let others aside)… just some thoughts…

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