confused simple mind

i see you in the horizon…
fading away-
a distant figure,
out of reach;
as i sit here on the road
unable to breach,
this sea of disparity
that life has put in front of me.

was it you who let me go?
or was it me – afraid to follow?

The pain in your tale-
I try hard to understand
but the words,
they seem hide them well
was it you – trying not to show?
or is it me – afraid to swallow?


3 thoughts on “confused simple mind

  1. (Song: “For You” by Barenaked Ladies)

    In a book in a box high upon a shelf
    In a locked and guarded vault
    Are the things I keep only for myself
    It’s your fate but it’s not your fault

    There is nowhere else I would rather be,
    but I can’t just be right here
    An enigma wrapped in a mystery,
    or a fool consumed by fear

    I will give you all I could ever give
    Though it’s less than you will need
    Could you just forget, if you can’t forgive
    All the things I cannot concede

    (Your poem reminded me of this song)

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