Lazy Saturday – The Walk (I)

Tired of sitting all day,
i decide to go for a walk
It’s cold, it’s dark
i forgot to bring my gloves

Now i’m walking
with my hands in my pocket
If i fall down,
i’m sure,
i’ll land on my head

I see strangers,
walking all around,
not a face i know-
I feel relieved,
You must have noticed..
i just keep walking,
with my hands in my pocket…

The chill of the night,
and the dust on the road,
I get an itch,
and… damn, on my nose!
I tried to wipe it
off my shoulders, it won’t go
I breathe in hard
I breathe in slow..
But no sir.. it won’t go
I rush to where the crowd is…

Many things have happened,
 but i walk…
                                                    lost in thoughts…
                                                                                                 miles away 
from where i started
                                                                                                 I stop now,
                                                                        I feel lonely,
                                       deserted streets…

with no courage to walk myself home,
i take a bus instead…
nice and warm…
i think of taking my hands
out of my pocket…

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