What is life? A movie,
j                                 l
   u                        e
       s                e
          t   a    r
an unopened envelope,
a letter within its seal

But why is it that i feel,
the secrets of life,
I can never reveal?

2 thoughts on “echo

  1. WOW!

    We all have secrets we can’t reveal! Everyone has a skeleton in his/her closet.

    may be this makes life more exciting…or sometimes unbearable…hmm I really dont know.

    I hope you wont mind if I borrow your last stanza for my MSN tag.


  2. i guess some secrets are meant to be kept in the dark…or maybe i’m wrong.. someone close to my heart said that there might be something in the store.. well that’s just hope you see..

    Anyways, all is your’s if you want to borrow .. Thanks for asking 🙂 .. Cheers!!

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